Flocking Feathers

Flocking FeathersJanuary of 2009 was absolutely beautiful! I think I ate more than usual because the snow looked just like my mother’s seven-minute cake icing had covered everything in sight. Birds flocked to our feeder and I enjoyed creating my version of their busyness. It was fun to play with feet, that are also trees, and in one case, also a beak.  The birds started off as Titmice but not much remains from those original sketches that is very ‘titmouse-like’. My favorite bird is the transparent one on the right, but I think the main character is the bird making the moon landing on the upper left.  As my friend, Tima, said, ‘Watch out below!’

Registration was a challenge this time.  The combination of the long shape of the paper and the dry heat from woodstove made it quite tough to keep the paper evenly moistened.

Paper: Yamaguchi Hosho
Block: Shina Plywood (9 impressions)
Ink: Sennelier Dry Pigment (with water and rice starch)

Size: 7″ x 19″
Edition of 16