Banzai Blizzard

Banzai BlizzardThe winter of 2010 was one for the records, except in Pomfret. I simply love snow, LOTS of snow. . . and it snowed everywhere this year, except here. I started this print while excitedly listening to weather reports of a huge storm plowing up the east coast. When yet another blizzard passed to our south, I sadly had to settle for my own snowstorm. The patterns of snow were made by slashing an exacto-knife across the blocks, providing some relief to my frustration.

Paper: Yamaguchi Hosho and Iwano Ichibei Hosho
Block: Shina Plywood (8 impressions)
Ink: Sennelier Dry Pigment (with water and rice starch).

Size: 12″ x 12″
Edition of 18