Misty Marsh

IMG_5109Most mornings begin with an early walk around our pond.  In December, before the ice forms, heavy mist often blankets the water.  This woodcut certainly doesn’t feel like mine, but I challenged myself to try to capture the fog.  The entire time making the print, I struggled to stay on task, to keep the image realistic.  It seems many like this print, but I find it weak.  There are actually two rows of trees in the background, but when the paper dried, they practically disappeared into the mist.   To make myself happy, the next work off the block was “Merry Marsh”, and that print makes me merry.

Paper: Yamaguchi Hosho
Blocks:  8 impressions on Shina Plywood
Ink: Sennelier Dry Pigment
Actual Size: 8″ x 12″