“Once in a Station in Japan”

"Once in a Station in Japan"
In 1975, I sketched a travel poster of  Ryoanji Rock Garden that was hanging from a balcony above stairs that led down to trains in Umeda Station, Osaka, Japan.  Finally, 44 years later, I made this woodcut, representing the dichotomy of Japan, from that old sketch.  Although it was completed in 2019, the style, quite different from my recent work, was intentional so as to capture the feeling of the 1970’s.

Actual Size: 14″ x 20″
Blocks: Shina Plywood, 10 Impressions
Ink: Sennelier Powdered Pigment, Sumi, and Rice Starch
Paper:  Yamaki Hosho

Edition of 18,  2019