Self Portrait During Covid

Lots of personal symbolism in this one: In the kimono, there are the wine glasses from my weekly “Loopy Loop”, when my gal-gang gathers for a loop around our pond, followed by our outdoor “therapy session”. The vertical lines hold chopsticks, representing my never-ending time spent in the kitchen. The flowers are the Shimizu family crest and the trees, our forest. The lumps across the waist are my favorite beavers, champions of our pond, with the pond waves on the bottom. Am I cracking up in my isolated shell as the rest of the world goes on around me? And then there are the masked and the unmasked. The colors are my favorites, burnt sienna and yellow ochre.

Actual Size: 14″ x 20″
Blocks: Shina Plywood, 15 Impressions
Ink: Sennelier Powdered Pigment and Rice Starch
Paper: Yamaki Hosho″