Tom and the Girls

Tom and the GirlsThe tribulations of managing these trying turkeys could be quite a tale. (I love alliteration.  Apparently my neighbor does, too, as she suggested I call this one, “Twittering Turkeys at Twilight”.)    Anyway, this  print was a partial reduction print that resulted in my all-time record of 25 impressions.  Of those 25 impressions, 13 had bokashi, or color gradation, and three were printed with two separate colors on one block. The paper was Yamaguchi Hosho.  All I can say is I’m glad this one is finished, that life goes on, and I’m going to think a long time before challenging such a complicated reduction print.  During the six weeks I worked on these guys, besides dreaming about turkeys swirling about,  I found myself saying things such as “my feathers are ruffled”.  Maybe I should send thank you notes to everyone who put up with me during my “turkey period”.  I may have gobbled up their patience.  (See what I mean?)

Size: 12″ x 12″
Edition of 33